Movie Streaming Online: The Cheaper Alternative

Movie Streaming Online: The Cheaper Alternative

Breaking the Boredom 101: Movies Streaming Online

As a home buddy with a stable internet, movie streaming online is one of those activities I regularly enjoy. This is made possible through video streaming websites such as YouTube which offers short movies or full-length royalty free movie streaming online of some classic movies, to those that border on the illegal such as the controversial MegaVideo, a partner of MegaUpload which has been recently closed down; and even some fishy websites with fishier advertisements that ask users to either register or download content or softwares. Movie streaming online has also increased the popularity (though not necessarily the profit) of the movie-making industry. It has enabled those who cannot afford the luxury of spending money for a medium-quality movie to view it in the comfort of their homes. It has killed the boredom of many, but also killed the business of yet many others. Instead of paying for a movie, more people are opting to do it illegally, through movie streaming online. Though Hollywood movies are one of those primarily found on sites for movie streaming online, international movies, albeit marginalized, can be viewed as well. In turn, it helps in the understanding of, as well as the spread of, cultures between national borders. Personally, I think this is one of the few positive aspects that illegal sites that provide movie streaming online do. They help in making the world more educated of foreign movies and of their corresponding cultures - provided of course, that these movies effectively portray the said culture as well. Although these movies are not available in cinemas worldwide, movie streaming online makes it possible for them to have a wider audience. In this digital age, the internet provides users with an infinite number of possible activities to battle boredom, and one of them is through movie steaming online. With only a gadget and a stable internet connection, a vast number of movies, either in English or otherwise, would instantly be at one’s fingertips. Some could be romantic comedies to simply pass time, while others can be academic or culturally educational as well. Movie streaming online, although posing a threat on the movie-making industry, also helps elevate boredom and possibly, the cultural ignorance of some.

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